Wacom Intuos Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Which Black Friday Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet Deals Are Active?

Wacom is the most renowned and popular brand when it comes to drawing tablets. So, if you’re in search for a perfect tablet it’s the best time grab yourself the Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet Black Friday deals 2019. If you’re still not sure about which drawing tablet deals to buy on this black Friday 2019. Well, then go down a little because we have some amazing Wacom tablet deals for you guys.

Nothing is sure as of now but we can predict some assumptions keeping the previous data chart in mind. As far as we can understand the Comic, Art and Photo could be available as high as 40%, with a lesser 20% predicted for the Draw tablets. Nonetheless, the Wacom Pro (higher-end) tablets won’t get a huge discount. Still, you can expect to get around 5-10% discount on it. The new isn’t confirmed yet and anything can happen maybe you get on the sale day so fingers crossed.

First things first as soon as we’ll get to know about any of the new and updated Black Friday Wacom Intuos drawing tablet deals we’ll immediately update it here. So keep checking this page after every now and then.

Let’s explore all the Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablets models with a brief descriptions

Wacom tablets are the best tablets available in the industry to buy. They are perfect for everyone ranging from artists, professional designers, students, and hobbyists. The tablets are made to bridge the gap by converting a physical sketch into a digital frame with a lot of inbuilt functions and features which makes your design look cool in front of your friends.

However, there are many options for a buyer to choose from in the Intuos line-up and it can be really confusing on which one to really pick. That is why here we are doing the grunt work for you and comparing all the products line-by0line thus making your life easy. So, without wasting any further time let’s dive right in! Shall we?

Wacom Intuos Pro Graphics Drawing Tablet Wacom Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet

The Intuos Pro Graphics Drawing Tablet by Wacom is a high-end product developed by the company. The device is useful for professional designers and artists and not for beginners as it comes with a cost. Not only that, we have two models in the Pro category. One is the older one PTH451 and the newer model PTH860. You decide which one is the best for you after reading through the difference between both the products.


  • The device comes in small, medium and large size, each of which is larger than the other Intuos ranges. These are 12.6 x 8.2, 13.2 x 8.5 and 16.8 x 11.2 inches respectively. The new model comes with a more slim and sleek design.
  • The small size tablet comes with the basic 2048 Grip Pen. However, the medium and large sized tablets come with a new Pro Pen with 8192 pressure levels for more accuracy and sensitivity. Moreover, it also features side pen & side switches.
  • The small tablet features 6 keys and the medium & large comes with 8 custom shortcut keys.
  • It’s a new feature which allows you to control canvas rotation, brush size, and scrolling.
  • The body is aluminum, steel and glass fiber in the Pro! The old model and lower end Intuos models require an adapter, however, the new models have built-in Bluetooth.

For missing out on this awesome Wacom Intuos Pro Graphics Tablet Black Friday deal make sure you have an active eye on this deal before the stocks run out.

Wacom Intuos Pro Paper EditionWacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet

The Intuos Pro Paper edition is the most premium device made by the company in the Intuos range tablets. It has all the features that you find in the Intuos pro with an addition of two more features. Check out the features listed down below.

Additional Features:

  • It allows you to capture your pen on paper designs in real-time and convert them into vector files for fast digital editing. You can also store 200 sketches for offline use.
  • It includes Wacom Finetip Pen and Detachable Paper Clip which gives you the ability to do pen-to-paper drawings on the tablet super quick. Furthermore, it also includes a stylish case for accessories.

Wacom Intuos Draw Graphics TabletWacom Intuos Drawing Graphics Tablet

This is the most basic and an entry-level graphics tablet in the Intuos range. The tablet is primarily designed for beginners and students who are just starting out in the drawing world. Of course, it lacks a lot of features which you’ll find in the higher-end devices. But assuming you’re a beginner all the features that are being provided in this one is more than enough for you!


  • 8.25 x 6.7 inches screen it is relatively small. Excellent for limited space and availability. 
  • Free software for sketching & drawing.
  • The pen is battery free! Other than that, the line thickness or opacity changes in response to pressure applied. Furthermore, you can also get other effects with software.
  • Four customizable buttons that let you create shortcuts like copy and paste, zoom and undo.
  • Connect to PC/Mac via USB, install a driver, download your software and start creating your masterpiece.

So if you’re planning to buy the Wacom Intuos Draw Graphics Tablet on this Black Friday you can be at a huge profit because you can save money on this purchase. Make sure you have an eye open on this product.

Wacom Intuos Art, Comic & Photo Graphics TabletWacom Intuos Wireless Graphic Tablet

This model comes in the middle of all the products. You can say it’s a medium-end product. It’s very much similar to the starter level Draw but packs in more features which you can see down below. Let’s dive right into the features.


  • Comes in a medium size of 10.75 x 8.5 inches display screen. The small size is suitable for laptops and the medium for larger monitors or screens.
  • Gives you the ability to use your fingers to navigate,  zoom and use other functionalities. Very much similar to a new generation smartphone or an Apple trackpad.
  • The Intuos Pen super sensitive, with 2048 pressure levels giving you higher accuracy while drawing.
  • It comes with a Corel Painter Essentials software and other free online tutorials. It works with all Adobe software.
  • It has free software including Clip Studio Paint Pro and Anime Studio.
  • The list of free software includes Corel AfterShot Pro and Macphun Pro package for Mac, and Corel PaintShop Pro and Corel AfterShot Pro for Windows.

So if you’re planning to buy the Wacom Intuos Art, Comic & Photo Graphics Tablet on this Black Friday you can be at a huge profit because you can save money on this purchase. Make sure you have an eye open on this product.

Any Black Friday & Cyber Monday Wacom Intuos Tablet Deals for 2019?

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals are approaching closer you can expect to have some heavy discounts on the Wacom Intuos Tablets. However,  we cannot say anything as nothing is confirmed yet at this very moment. But we can only hope to have some of the best Wacom Intuos Tablets deals of all time on this Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 event.

Be sure to check out our page regularly to get the latest and the most updated information on the Wacom Intuos tablet deals. We’ll update you guys here as soon as we receive any new information from the higher authorities on the event days.

Final Words:

We also hope that you liked our short review. If you did liked it don’t forget to leave a comment down below and let us know down in the comments section. We really wish that all our readers get a huge discount on the Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet this Black Friday and Cyber Monday season.

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