Nvidia Shield Portable Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

What Is Nvidia Shield Portable?

The Shield Portable is a gaming console designed & developed by Nvidia.

Nvidia Shield Black Friday & Cyber Monday Review:


16 new from $71.82
8 used from $ 60.00
as of January 14, 2019 2:27 am

Let’s first discuss the physical design. The nVidia Shield, like I said, basically includes a full-size gamepad with conventional face buttons and dual-analog sticks, attached to some clamshell screen. And what a display. While it does endure what would normally be considered an insufficient resolution of 1280×720, in the 5″ size I really don’t think it matters in the context of the device. Clearly, several 5″ smartphones have 1080p as well as 4K screens now, but since the Shield is meant to be used for gambling and not studying text, I believe that the incredible colour response and quality of the panel more than makeup for this.

The impressive 28.8Wh battery can net you around 6 hours of constant neighborhood gameplay or 10 hours of streaming, but of course, your mileage will vary based upon just what you use your Shield to perform. I have been experimenting with mobile gaming devices for decades, and until today my machine of choice has been a modded PSP-3000, which only falls marginally short for me due to the somewhat inexpensive feeling design and the packed controls.

Having the magnificent Tegra 4 CPU/GPU at its heart, the Nvidia Shield was never likely to disappoint from the performance tests as you can see in the AnTuTu benchmark, it’s made a mockery of many of the best mobile devices on the market, scoring a very impressive 38118 points.

In addition to its 72-shader GPU, Tegra 4 contains four Cortex-A15 cores plus one low-power Cortex-A15 companion center, using a 2 MB L2 cache dynamically shared across the quad-core complex. The fifth battery-saver core has its 512 KB cache, allowing the larger 2 MB construction to power gate, cutting down consumption when the four cores are not needed.

The Shield was one of the very first to offer 4K HDR viewing and is the sole box to include 360 YouTube videos.

The Shield TV stays the ideal streaming box around. It’s a pity that its best features haven’t arrived yet.

Any Nvidia Shield Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019 Can We Expect?

Well, there’s no official news out there. However, we can expect to get some discounts on the Nvidia Shield device. Be sure to check out this page again after a couple of days because we’ll update the latest & fresh information about the BF 2019 deals.

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