Ninja Master Prep Chopper Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

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The Ninja Master Prep Chopper is smaller, budget unit compared with other Ninja kitchen methods. However, as with the majority of Ninja products, the machine includes a small recipe book, with directions about how best to make smoothies, ice creams, pancake combinations, and soups. If you’re interested in compact Ninja chips, make sure you keep a lookout for any forthcoming Ninja Master Prep Chopper Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for 2019.

Ninja 400-Watt Blender/Food Processor for Frozen Blending (QB900B)

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Ninja Master Prep Chopper Black Friday Review

Ninja Master Prep Black Friday 2019

The problem with most blenders and food processors is that they take up too much space and also have too many accessories.

Traditional blenders are notorious for having a tough time beating frozen fruit and ice. Furthermore, if a blender is actually full, the ingredients don’t always get mixed well together. This is not the case with the Ninja system. The Ninja is easy to use and incredibly powerful. It will have a few drawbacks and I do not advise it for all, but all in all, it functions well.

Be cautious and never let children use it or come close to it while being used. The bigger splash guard has a pour spout so make sure it is closed tightly and that curious little fingers do not find their way near it. When cleaning the blades, use extreme caution.

With standard blenders, it has a tendency to be more difficult to clean the blending and processing containers as there are numerous nooks and crannies for food to get trapped inside. Together with the Ninja Master Prep Professional, the engine attaches to the blades from the top, so the containers are amazingly easy to clean!

Together with all the weight at the very top, will not the containers go around a lot or even fall over? Each mixing and processing container includes a no-slip grip on the bottom, so that you may rest assured that you won’t have some unexpected messes on your kitchen!

The compact dimensions of the blender is a major element why consumers adore this, unlike the Vitamix or other full-sized blenders which are either too bulky or too thick. This is compact enough to fit inside cabinets or cupboards.

The advantages of this blender are that it is very easy to use. The parts and the blender are extremely straightforward. There are multiple bowls that you can use for numerous cuisines.

Now, the disadvantage is that this is another top blender, meaning the blades need to maintain the bowl prior to adding the meals.

It can also be quite tough to clean the avocado dip and sauces you’ve made using the Ninja Master Prep.

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