Nest Security Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

What Deals to Expect This Black Friday on Nest Security Cameras?

If you’re planning to buy the Nest Security Camera this year and reading the article before Black Friday deals I’d recommend you to wait. If you wait possibly you’ll get some good deals on security cameras this year. We aren’t yet sure which company will launch their deals, however, deals would be there for sure. So let’s wait and see what is there on the table.

Nest Security Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Check out our list of the best Nest Security Camera deals available this Black Friday

32 new from $139.99
11 used from $131.00
25 new from $288.99
3 used from $250.00
18 new from $169.00
1 used from $168.00
12 new from $298.00
4 used from $269.99
28 new from $154.00
10 used from $120.00
24 new from $328.75
2 used from $349.99
10 new from $149.99
8 used from $124.99
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#1. Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest wanted to construct a camera that was simple to install and looked great. I’m happy to state that it’s attained both. While no security camera is ever going to be desirable, the Nest Cam Outdoor includes close. With its rounded back and flat front, the camera looks more like a luxury spotlight rather than a traditional security device.

The Nest Cam Outdoor stocks an aesthetic similarity with its own indoor sibling, but it is rugged and waterproof to IP65 certification. That means it may endure a regular deluge. And rather than a being repaired to a stand, this one comes with another magnetic base which can be screwed to the wall to provide a magnetic cradle for the rounded rear of the camera.

Nest’s mobile apps are clean and easy to navigate, with a couple of icons and no significant differences between the Android and iOS versions. The apps control not just the Nest Cam Outdoor but Nest’s entire lineup of smart home products.

Another welcome change: Individual alarms come with the purchase price of the IQ Outdoor; they required a paid Nest Aware subscription with Nest’s original outdoor camera. A paid subscription, however, will change person alerts into facial recognition and enable Familiar Face Alerts, a characteristic Nest introduced together with the indoor IQ that allows you train the camera to differentiate between men and women you know and strangers. It also unlocks Intelligent Audio Alerts, which distinguish between speaking, barking, and other triggering sounds. Along with a subscription is required to utilize Supersight.

#2. Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

The Nest Cam sports a sleek design, with a smooth, cool-gray metal stand behind a glossy black camera eye which very much makes one feel as if one’s being viewed. The magnetic base offers stability for the camera while behind a slim, pivoting leg that attaches to the lens. At the top of the lens is one LED that flashes blue when the camera is trying to connect to the system and remains solid green when it’s on and recording.

The camera is a fantastic little thing. It pops on and off its robust metal cradle effortlessly. A wall-mounting kit is included if you want to set the camera at a discreet, difficult to achieve the spot. The 130-degree field of opinion means it can easily cover most ordinary size rooms — it is an indoor camera just, mind.

If you’re looking for a reliable, responsive and easy-to-use smart home camera, Nest Cam may pack a premium, but in addition, it packs a punch. Simple scheduling allows you to configure if tracking is busy, or you can utilize Nest’s Home/Away Assist feature to automatically enable the camera when you leave home.

#3. Nest Cam IQ

Nest Cam IQ

As smart as security cameras have become through the years, there’s still a sense that they’re not quite employing the full power that is available to them. Together with the Nest Cam IQ that changes, and we have what is arguably the smartest safety: it has a 4K detector, can monitor folks automatically, and contains face recognition constructed in.

Getting the Nest Cam IQ up and operating is as straightforward as scanning the QR code on the bottom of the camera with the Nest app after the onscreen prompts to connect to a wireless system, and finding a location for this. Like the first Nest Cam, the camera must be set on a level surface, and it’s a wider, heavier base that retains its larger body stable.

The Nest software is easy to navigate and understand, and the attributes have a tendency to be profound and smart. For instance, the port for scheduling the times as soon as your camera is off or on is both flexible and convenient, allowing you to decide on numerous periods within every day of the week or two specify the identical period for several times at once. Similarly, you can specify several irregularly shaped Activity Zones by simply dragging the eight branches of the shape.

Wrap Up:

Finally that it’s guys from our side on the Nest Security Camera you can buy this Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019. Wait for it and let the deals go live on the store and once you get the chance snatch all the security camera’s that you ever wanted.

It’s me signing off, Cheers!

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