Huion Tablets Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Looking for a Huion Tablets this Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019?

Huion is a well-known brand in the tablets indutry and well they make all kind of tablets ranging from low to high-end tablets targeting each and every one of us. The higher-end ones are for professionals. Besides this, the lower-end models are made for normal human beings who just wants to doodle and draw a weird face.

Probably you can find a Huion Tablet Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal 2019 so make sure you are fast while the sales gate opens.

2 new from $399.00
3 used from $299.99
1 new from $59.99
1 new from $49.99
2 used from $45.33
1 new from $74.99
4 used from $62.68
1 new from $99.99
2 used from $79.00
1 new from $19.99
Last updated on July 10, 2019 3:17 am

Realted Stuff:

Huion tablets are available in all range starting from cheap to expensive ones. Pricing entirely depends on the features the tablet has. Lookout for the features given down below for better understanding of the Huion drawing tablets.


  • Tablet needs to be plugged into a PC/Mac in order for it to function. Designs on drawing tablets appear in whatever software you are using on your computers monitor. The LCD screen tablets mirror your computers screen  in which you can draw directly from the software. This thing has an advantage because you don’t need to keep staring at the screen uncessarily.
  • Number of different pressure sensitivities that are supported by the stylus. Higher the sensitivity, the more variety and complexity it can offer.
  • A measure of the maximum ‘quality’ of the line. Measured in lines per inch.
  • Hot keys are the customizable shortcut keys that help you navigate and improve your overall workflow. They are available on the touch screen and buttons on the side.
  • This is a crucial aspect, as some tablets are ligher and are suitable for holding and working, on the flip side, others are designed  for more professional work.
  • You can connect to your PC/Mac via Bluetooth
ModelActive Area Wireless/TouchPen Pressures Hotkeys/Buttons
Line Per Inch (LPI)
Huion H610 Pro
10 x 6.25No20488 buttons/16 keys
5080 LPI
Huion Inspiroy Q11K
11 x 6.9 Yes/No 81928 buttons
5080 LPI
Huion Giano WH1409
13.8 x 8.6 Yes/No 204812 buttons
5080 LPI
Huion H420
4 x 2.23No20483 keys
4000 LPI
Huion 1060 Plus
10″ x 6.25″ No204812 buttons/16 keys
5080 LPI
Huion Inspiroy G10T
10″ x 6.25″ Yes/Yes 20486 buttons
5080 LPI

Any Black Friday & Cyber Monday Huion Tablets Tablets Deal for 2019?

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals are coming closer and closer we can expect to have some heavy discounts on the Huion Tablets. However, nothing is confirmed yet at this very moment. But, we can only hope to have some of the best Huion Tablets deals of all time on this Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 event.

Be sure to check out our page reguarly to get the latest and the most updated information on the Huion Tablets deals. We’ll update you guys here as soon as we receive any new information from the higher authorities on the event days on 24th November.

Final Words:

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