Flywheel Black Friday Sale 2018: Get 3 Months of Free Hosting [CONFIRMED]

In this post I’ll be providing you the Flywheel Black Friday discount codes which will blow your mind. 🙂

Yes, you heard that right! Flywheel hosting is giving away 3 months of free premium hosting on the annual purchase.

[Lock You Flywheel Annual Hosting]

If you have any doubts regarding setting up the hosting you’re welcome to contact me. I’ll personally help you set up the website. 🙂

The above is the official page for Flywheel Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018 Deals.

Let’s now have a quick look on the what features and other details Flywheel has to offer us.

Flywheel Main Features

I’d say Flywheel is the most under rated hosting companies that is now getting the hype lately. Flywheel offers a premium WordPress shared hosting specifically made for designers and agency owners.

Some of the top notch features by Flywheel hosting:

Daily backups

Every night Flywheel takes the backup of your full site making you feel relieved about your work.

Amazing support team

Flywheel has great support team. They have WordPress experts sitting at the backend to handle all your queries efficiently.

Free migration

They provide you free WordPress site migration service.

Collaboration Tools

With this handy feature you can collaborate with other tools to manage third party things like passwords and other login credentials.

1-Click restore

With the one click restore feature you can automatically restore you full WordPress site within a matter of seconds.

You can white label Flywheel services

The best part about Flywheel is you can buy the hosting from them and sell it to your customers or clients at a higher price (getting your commission)

Staging sites

With staging sites you can makes changes on your live site without worrying about ruining the user experience.

Unlimited Free Demo Sites (Only pay when the site goes live)

You can create free demo sites with Flywheel hosting. Only pay when you decide the site to go live.

WordPress Friendly

It’s a WordPress friendly hosting so you need to worry about making any changes to the live site. Flywheel will handle it with ease.

Fantastic uptime

Uptime is priority for any hosting company to maintain and Flywheel doesn’t disappoint you giving one of the best uptime in the industry.

Security & Malware monitoring

They monitor your website everyday to keep it safe from any deadly threats or malware.

Flywheel Pricing Plans

The pricing plans are divided into two segments. One is for users who only run or owns a single site and other is for those who has multiple sites. Let’s see what both these plans has to offer us on this Black Friday.

Single Site Plans

The single site plan is divided into three separate plans:

#1. Tiny Plan
Tiny plan costs you $14/mo. In that you get 5GB of disk space to store all your media content like images or videos. Moreover, there’s a bandwidth of 250GB which can handle easily up to 5000 of traffic in a month. The tiny plan is perfect for users who don’t receive boatloads of traffic on their website.

#2. Personal Plan
The Personal plan when compared to the Tiny plan provides you double the resources. You get 10GB of disk space and 500GB of bandwidth. Personal plan starts at just $28/mo.

#3. Professional Plan
The Professional plan costs $69/mo. It has 20GB of disk space and 1TB of bandwidth making it a powerful plan for those who receive huge traffic every single month.

Those were single site plans. If you’re managing multiple sites you can opt for the following plans:

#4. Freelance Plan
The Freelance plan is for advance website owners who receive boatloads of traffic that too on multiple sites. The plan has 40GB of disk space and 4TB of bandwidth. You get 10 WordPress install and it costs $92/mo.

#5. Agency Plan
The Agency plan gives you 30 WordPress installs with 120GB of disk space and 8TB of bandwidth. This plan is cost efficient for anyone who is running an agency business where they manage their client websites.

Flywheel Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discount

You’ll get a full 3 months of free hosting if you buy any plans of Flywheel hosting starting from today.

Imagine you buy the $28/mo plan which makes a total of $336/yr for 12 months and you get 3 months extra on top of that then you’re paying only $22.4/mo for the next 15 months.

[Flywheel Black Friday Discount Page]

How to Get the Flywheel Black Friday Hosting Deal 2018?

All you need to do is click on the button given above and buy the plan you feel is suitable for you. Later, at the time of check out use the code “BLACKFLYDAY18” to get your 3 months of free hosting.

My Thoughts on Flywheel Hosting

Flywheel web hosting is a fantastic hosting company if you’re looking for premium WordPress shared hosting plans to buy on this Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

They do have expensive plans compared to the other companies who are offering shared hosting plans but features like white label services, free demo sites, and security and malware monitoring that you get with Flywheel is worth the extra money.

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