10 Best YI Cameras Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2019

Best YI Cameras Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2019: On the lookout for a high-quality camera from YI at a shockingly low price? Well, you’ve come to the perfect location. It is among the trendiest dome cameras in the USA. YI provides an excellent discount during the Black Friday holiday season 2019. So have a look at this finest YI Black Friday & Cyber Monday US deals of 2019 given below.

If you are thinking about purchasing a YI Cameras, you might have the ability to receive one for a discounted cost that Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Thus, we advise eliminating purchases for a longer period of time. If we find any YI camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals information we’ll post it here on this page.

10 Best YI Cameras Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2019

Here is our list of the best and top YI Cameras which you can buy on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2o18

2 new from $89.00
2 used from $79.99
3 new from $189.75
2 used from $135.34
4 new from $28.80
2 used from $33.71
3 new from $79.99
2 used from $74.39
7 new from $32.98
3 used from $25.00
9 new from $40.59
2 used from $37.69
4 new from $46.99
1 used from $123.00
5 new from $115.00
1 used from $111.58
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#1. YI Home Camera Black Friday Deals 2019

The YI Home Camera two is essentially a less expensive version of this Nest camera without the ability to integrate with your home automation program (but also without the service fees). The new design, although sleek and contemporary, feels like a step backward from YI’s previous 720p version. The new layout has integrated the camera to the foundation, taking away some of its versatile appeals.

It’s also very simple and fast to setup via your own Wi-Fi system. After plugging it into the wall and downloading Yi’s program onto your device of choice, you’ll want to create a new account. From here, you’ll tap on the add device button, listen to your own camera to say”Waiting to link,” then affirm the cue on your phone. As soon as you’ve logged in to your wireless router on your device, you will be presented with a QR code which the camera may scan and automatically connect to your system.

The Yi Home Camera is not my initial security camera from China and according to my past experiences, I expected this model to have a difficult installation procedure. This was not the situation. Yi’s camera was incredibly easy to establish, and the whole process took approximately three minutes. Voice prompts from the camera itself directed the process, which only involved installing the app, entering the WiFi password, then pointing the security camera in a QR code which appears in the program. Yi Home is perfect YI Camera deals to buy this Black Friday if you’re looking for a home security camera since long. Overall the YI Home camera is a great deal to get on this Cyber Monday 2019.

#2. YI Outdoor Security Camera Black Friday Deals 2019

The YI Outdoor Camera performs well in comparison to other outside security cameras in terms of specs and features. That is a little lower frequency rate than we would like, although still sufficient to get a very clear picture. It has a 110° wide-angle FOV (field of vision), which, though not as broad as most indoor cameras, is standard for an outdoor camera and will give you a fantastic view.

At any time you want to tap into the live feed, then you can access it via the YI Home program on your iPhone or Android smartphone. The program also sends alarms within time intervals you define, and it provides access to 11 other devices.

To keep your footage stable, you can save it into a micro SD card with an 8 to 32-gigabyte capacity. Alternatively, you may register for a free 1-month trial of YI Cloud, which provides five devices access to its own encrypted host.

A feature we really enjoy about the YI Outdoor Camera is it gives you customized configurations options. By way of example, you may turn the motion detection on or off. It’s possible to place a specific alert place –for example, the front porch–to alert you when movement is detected only in that area instead of anywhere in the camera’s view. You could also correct the alert sensitivity and setup to three time periods when you get alerts (by way of example, you can choose to receive alarms during work, as you’re home, or at night). To put it differently, you are able to get notifications only when you want them. YI Outdoor Security is one of the top-notch YI Cameras deals to get this Black Friday.

#3. YI Dome Camera Black Friday Deals 2019

The camera itself is in a spherical section at the top with a cowl about it that includes the motors. Sad to say, the motors make a reasonable bit of noise when the camera goes; it’s just like a hissing noise that’s loud enough to hear in a reasonably quiet room. It rotates 115-degrees vertically and 345-degrees horizontally. If you factor in the angle of this lens, then you can see everything around the camera. I’ll note, however, it doesn’t tilt down at all. That is weird considering many of the promo images show the camera angled down. That means putting it on a top shelf isn’t going to be perfect. It does tilt up very far. So much it really slips under the cowling, which doesn’t do you any good. It seems like someone screwed up here.

The Yi Home app works with all the organization’s home security camera products, which means it is possible to mix and match dome cameras along with the normal stationary version. The main display shows your cameras at a vertical list with a navigation bar at the base. It connects directly to the camera list, alarms, album, and your accounts. The navigation bar changes when you open the camera interface, however, the live feed is always at a peak of the screen. The navigation bar just changes what’s displayed on the bottom half. You get the directional controls, location bookmarks, motion tracking settings, and alerts.

The Yi Dome Camera includes some undeniably cool features you do not get in different cameras. If you can set it up at a good location, it literally sees the whole room with its rotating rack. I wish it wasn’t so loud, and also the inability to tilt downward is annoying. You could be able to see nearly as much with a well-placed stationary camera. Additionally, the necessity of an electricity cable without battery means the Dome Camera cannot be placed just anywhere. The scenic image capture was also a pity for me personally because of inadequate stitching.

#4. YI Cloud Home Camera Black Friday Deals 2019

The YI Cloud Home Camera includes a 1080p full HD camera with”Total 360° Coverage”, increased night vision, smartphone control, baby crying detection, motion detection and real-time activity alerts as well as two-way intercom audio capability.

Once connected you’re presented with the default display for your app, and it is a list of those cameras you’ve connected, which also offers an image from the previous session in addition to choices for viewing Navigation, Alerts, Settings, and Watching the cloud-stored video. Tapping the picture starts the watching of live video in the camera.

The Yi Home Camera is a decent looking little matter, fairly understated in style and will readily disappear in the background in almost any room. It’s designed to sit upright but will fold essentially flat in both directions, so you could mount it to a window or wall. There is nothing in the box to achieve so with, but something simple such as 3M tape will likely suffice. Get the latest Black Friday deals on YI Cloud camera at a massive discount offer.


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