Best SSD Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019 – Internal & External

These drives may feature some pricey technologies, therefore it is sensible to eliminate purchases before any SSD Black Friday & Cyber Monday bargains 2019 are published. However, what would the reductions be? We think that it’s likely there’ll be a few Black Friday SSD discounts on a number of the storage brands and sizes. Our price history evaluation indicates Samsung SSDs could observe reductions in this area, using comparable probable for SanDisk devices. But, Vital drives could see bigger cost drops. Discover more about some hot models below.

An SSD still shops data, but uses integrated circuits and microchips rather than magnetism as its way of storage. As such, it has no moving parts so is less likely to become damaged in the event of an impact, like dropping your notebook. It therefore has the potential to keep your data safer. An SSD can be generally quicker because, unlike an HDD, it does not possess a platter that has speed up to working speeds before data could be retrieved.

Best SSD Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Here’s our top curated list of the best SSD money can buy this Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals 2019.

Best External SSDs Black Friday 2019

An external SSDs is made to store data on the go. This comes in handy when you’re out travelling the world and still want to carry all your data in your bag. We have curated some of the best external SSDs. Checkout the list below:

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18 new from $99.99
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3 new from $299.99
16 new from $98.95
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22 new from $139.95
3 used from $112.67
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#1. Samsung T5 Portable SSD

The drive measures 74 x 57 x 10.5mm and weighs only 51g, making it small and light enough to be pushed into a tight front jeans pocket easily. It’s made completely of metal (using a swish brushed finish) and except for the large Samsung logo on the front, the power LED and the Type-C connector, there’s nothing of note to remark on. Essentially, it is not much different from the T3 except for the fact that it abandons the dual-tone color strategy.

When you install and launch the program, you’re prompted to set a password to the drive. If you ignore this, you may use the Samsung T5 like any other drive. If you do set a password, however, you need to enter it every time you plug in the drive into a host apparatus. The device will have to have the SamsungPortableSSD application installed onto it for you to unlock the drive’s contents. If the app isn’t installed, you will see a read-only partition together with the installation files to the three programs we mentioned previously (the Android version is just a text file with a hyperlink to the place where you can download the app).

The improved modern design of this T5 is also quite appealing. Having such a compact, high-performing, and high-capacity storage solution that readily fits into a little pocket is extremely useful. Coupling all of this with the optional AES 256-bit hardware encryption, simple password protection performance, and its ability to work with Android apparatus (that is a vital feature for many professionals on the go) makes this a wonderful launch by Samsung.

#2. WD My Passport SSD

In brief, the WD My Passport Wireless SSD is an external hard disk that has a built-in SD card slot, wireless capability and an integrated battery so as to be able to rear upattached media without having constant external power, or even a computer to connect to. It’s a constructed to be a rugged device that can endure quite a lot of abuse, including occasional bumps and drops (it isn’t water or dust-proof though). When compared to its predecessors and as the name suggeststhe WD My Passport Wireless SSD is the first of its type to feature SSD drives rather than traditional turning hard drives, making it not only significantly faster (up to 390 MB/sec read rate ), but also much more reliable in the long term for backup needs.

The WD My Passport SSD, in contrast, measures only 90mm long, 45mm wide and a mere 10mm deep, making it exceedingly easy to slip into a jacket or jeans pocket without much fuss. It also has 256-bit AES hardware encryption to keep it secure, and it is shock-resistant up to 6.5feet (or just under 2m), too, giving it additional durability in the event that you accidentally send it flying because it’s so damn diddly.

In fairness, this is the kind of workload you would expect to see occurring on a host or workstation rather than an outside SSD, so it may be a somewhat unfair comparison. But it may become involved if you find yourself moving a great deal of files into the My Passport SSD from several locations at precisely the same time when you’re backing up files, by way of instance, or upgrading to another PC or notebook and should get all your documents off your older one. In cases such as this, the T5 will probably get the job done a lot quicker. It’s just up to you whether you want to cover a bit more for the privilege. Get this Enternal SSD Black Friday bargains deals.

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#3. SanDisk Extreme 500

SSDs aren’t too widespread in the mobile market currently, with most mobile drives casing HDDs. The majority of the NAND memory that’s currently implemented in portable use instances is located in USB drives, therefore larger-capacity SSDs are somewhat new to the portable storage industry. As a result of numerous features of SSDs that make them less finicky than HDDs, users may see more mobile drives such as the Extreme 500 coming to advertise within the next few years. To elaborate, much like SSDs, the Extreme 500 works without moving parts, making it immune to shock and vibration damage, and extreme temperatures. Considering the abuse that mobile devices require, picking a portable drive that is more vulnerable to physical harm is probably a safe bet.

When you plug the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD to your PC it’ll work right away, however you’ll notice there is an installer contained on the driveway. You don’t need to install anything, but you’re likely going to need to install the SanDisk SecureAccess software. When you go to install the program it will ask you to create a password.

Overall, I was amazed by this lightweight, pocket-sized drive from SanDisk. It supplies a substantial amount of performance with several capacity options for every budget and can be backed by a pioneer in the flash industry.

Best Internal SSDs Black Friday 2019

Internal SSD is a driveway intended to be utilized within a pc or notebook. There are various form variables — the layout and form of the driveway available. So whenever you’re looking for inner SSD Black Friday bargains, make sure that it works with your machine prior to making a purchase. Have a look at some popular inner SSDs this Black Friday & Cyber Monday below.

#1. Samsung 850 EVO SSD

Samsung’s brand new 64-layer V-NAND stores three pieces per cell in a vertical arrangement, which is commonly referred to as 3D TLC NAND. Each 256Gbit die features approximately 85.3 billion cells. The new die has the exact same 256Gbit capacity as Samsung’s previous-generation 48-layer NAND however includes a smaller expire, meaning it packs more data into a smaller footprint. That leads to reduced price.

The 850 Evo is not a flagship driveway, but it is just as intriguing as the Pro version. For starters, it uses the innovative 3D V-NAND which made its debut in the Pro and, despite the high-end tech on show, it is much cheaper.

In general, the Samsung 850 EVO is a remarkably impressive drive with bar-setting functionality, a good design, and Samsung reliability. The 850 EVO is so good in fact, it even topped the 850 PRO in many locations and we can’t wait to see exactly what Samsung does with all the 860 Pro (or whatever naming convention they opt to go with). Given the functionality and the cost profile that will quickly resemble that of those 840 EVO in retail, we really can not recommend this drive enough for people who desire the best mix of endurance, performance and cost.

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#2. Crucial MX300 SSD

The new 1050GB model boasts much of the same specifications as its reduced capacity brethren, for example its use of fresh Micron’s new 3D TLC NAND technologies, which let it boast single-level mobile endurance and triple-level mobile density; this equates to a pretty good value for consumers. As it pertains functionality, Vital quotes the specific same read and write transfer rates of this 750GB version (530MB/s read and 510MB/s write, respectively) as well as an endurance rating of 220 TBW.

In our view, the best 2.5-inch SSD alternative with this right now is your Crucial MX300, that matches many other SSDs concerning functionality, but is available for noticeably lower prices.

This, however, is mainly due to the use of TLC NAND cells, as opposed to the expensive MLC technology. Simply speaking, TLC allows SSDs to attain higher capacities by injecting information into a physical area. Butthis also complicates the data writing and reading processes which, in turn, slows down the drive somewhat and wears the NAND cells more quickly. The difference between TLC and MLC isn’t too apparent but TLC still stays a budget SSD feature, hence the purchase price of the MX300. This is the best Internal SSD Black Friday deals of 2019.

#3. Samsung 850 PRO SSD

The most recent flagship SSD from Samsung is a luxury drive that is designed to smash performance barriers thanks to some revolutionary new technology — a indication of what is possible when one firm controls its entire production line.

The 500 GB sort of the drive is affordable, but it still provides a fantastic amount of storage space, making it practical as a standalone drive. The drive runs on the SATA interface, making this an attractive solution for anyone who is seeking to upgrade an older desktop or laptop computer from a classic hard drive to an SSD to give their system a much-needed performance boost.


So that was it for the Best SSD Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2019. Make sure you make wise decisions while shopping and get the best deals on this festival season. Deals are always there you just need to pick up the right one. That is all matters to save money while shopping.

We hope you found this page useful and if you did don’t forget to leave a comment down below and let us know your feedback matters to us a lot. Happy shopping and happy sales day.

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