10 Best Nikon Digital Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals {2019}

Nikon Digital Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019: Below you’ll discover numerous fantastic looking Black Friday Nikon digital camera bargains. Black Friday is a great time to find digital cameras at exceptionally affordable rates. Nikon digital cameras are excellent for shooting photographs whenever you’re around and out. They are usually lightweight and portable, but can still provide quality higher than many smartphones. Check for a synopsis of some Nikon digital cameras this Black Friday below.

Whether you are only updating or looking for a backup or other option, a brand new camera can invigorte your photography and inspire you to get out shooting.

If you are searching for someone who enjoys shooting sports, landscapes, or portraits, that means you can choose a lens that covers wide-angle to normal focal lengths and a telephoto lens tailored to a certain pursuit.

10 Best Nikon Digital Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

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#1. Nikon D3400 – Nikon Premium Camera Black Friday Deal

The D3400 is a very modestly updated version of the D3300. It’s an entry level DSLR targeted toward first time ILC shooters and those that are ready to proceed from their telephones to some more advanced shooting platform.

The D3400 does not have lots of bells and whistles. However, you can get Nikon’s”SnapBridge” functionality, which lets you move low-resolution JPEGs mechanically to a smartphone as you capture them. Note that the D3400 doesn’t have WiFi, which implies its execution of SnapBridge is somewhat limited, without an alternative for remote shooting or film transferring.

Just like most other entry-level Nikon dSLRs, the Nikon D3400 lacks a body-integral focus engine, therefore it can only autofocus with AF-S and AF-I lenses which have the AF motor built in. Additional AF Nikkors may be used in manual-focus style only, even though the AF sensors remain active and will at least provide focus confirmation via the green dot at the in-finder LCD. There’s also an”electronic rangefinder” function which may be enabled via the menu; this tells you how far you are from perfect focus, and that means you want to rotate the focus ring to acquire it.

#2. Coolpix L340 – Budget Camera Nikon Black Friday

There’s not a lot new to the Coolpix L340. In reality, the only notable difference between it and the older L330 is the somewhat increased zoom range. Where the camera had a 26x optic, the brand new version gets 28x optical zoom, giving a 35mm-equivelent focal range of 22.5-630mm.

The Nikon Coolpix L340 is a middling-size bridge camera. Something like the Canon PowerShot SX410 HS is smaller, but then others still, such as the Canon SX60, or Nikon’s own P610 are much bigger.

Observing a classic simple bridge camera layout, the L340 includes a fairly pronounced grip that’s textured for additional buy – the dots around the textured surface make it feel quite stable in the hand. On the rear of the camera is a small thumb rest which also will help to produce the camera sit snugly in your hand. The rest of the camera doesn’t have any kind of special coating on the chassis.

You can also be left hanging about for a couple of seconds while the camera catches up if you want to create any modifications to settings, such as choosing a different filter. The camera will display an annoying”Please wait for the camera to finish recording” message if you try to change it too fast for the camera.

#3. Nikon B500

The Nikon Coolpix B500 is a mid-sized bridge camera, being not the lowest in size available on the current market, but also far from the largest.

It has a chunky hand grip that protrudes quite far from the body and makes it feel quite stable in the hand. It is also textured which will help add to an air of quality about the camera. The remaining part of the camera is not textured.

There is a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor, and the camera has a range of modes that could be chosen from the mode dialup, including automatic styles, scene modes, and creative impact manners. The camera doesn’t contain manual controls, but will not let you change a number of settings including ISO and white balance.

With one exception, the design of the COOLPIX B500 is little changed from the earlier COOLPIX L840. The new model has a mode dial that makes a large difference to the managing. On the old model in the event that you wanted to pick a scene mode or among the many attribute modes you needed to navigate through onscreen menus but now all it requires is a twist of the dial up. I will go into the workings of the new mode dial in much more detail in the Shooting Experience section towards the end of my critique.

#4. Nikon D3300

The camera body itself is largely plastic, but while the D3300 certainly doesn’t feel as robust as some of the organization’s higher specified models, it exudes a level of quality you might not expect at that price point. This is assisted by the astonishingly classy rubber coat on the clasp, which also appears on the thumb rest on the rear of the camera. The Nikon D3300’s body is all but identical to its predecessor in terms of the total dimensions and weight, with all the external controls in pretty much exactly the same areas as before. The new’I’ button on the rear of the camera makes it possible to skip the main menu in order to quickly change settings.

The resolution might be just like the D3200, but the D3300 has plenty of additional developments under the bonnet. Chief among these will be the brand new Expeed 4 image-processing engine. Nikon’s fastest processor yet, it boosts the D3300’s ISO sensitivity to an impressive max of 25,600 and its shooting speed to 5fps top of this league but very impressive for an entry camera camera. There are also a couple new automatic flash modes, such as an option for fill flash

Final Verdict

With a huge selection of cameras available, we’re pretty much sure they’ll be some good deals to be had this Black Friday. While they might not be the latest and greatest model, there’s bound to be some diamonds in the rough that you should keep an eye out for. Here are a few of our primary Black Friday deal predictions.

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