10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

We love mechanical keyboards very much and when we get discounts on that keyboard even better. Similarly, how cool it would be if we can get some Mechanical Keyboard Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals this 2019.

Well, I hope that all the readers who are reading this post right now would be benefitted after reading this and hopefully will get the deal they are looking for.

10 Best Mechanical Keyboard Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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1 new from $59.99
1 used from $55.88
3 new from $204.95
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#1. Redragon K552 Mechanical Keyboard Black Friday 2019

Redragon K552

Nothing fancy is that which we want to inform you when it comes to the design of the Redragon KUMARA K552 mechanical keyboard. There’s a base made from metal and then covered in good-excellent vinyl. This foundation is a slab in the best. On top of the base sits the mechanical causes that seem like they use Greentech molds as well as the keys then sit with a high clearance on these keys to this extent that you can’t only see part of the key mechanism but also the white foundation too. In other words, the layout is both unassuming and simplistic. In any case, you don’t get any USB pass-through or 3.5millimeter jack links.

Beyond this, the Redragon K552 KUMARA features a gold-plated USB connector, surprisingly robust retractable ft, and is advertised as being splash-proof, although I’m hesitant to test that attribute for what I assume are obvious reasons.

If you have read some of my other reviews you know Gaming functionality is my top priority and I begin with it. I am happy to say the K552 is a great actress and its tenkeyless layout is ideal for all those of you playing low sensitivity settings like myself. In addition to the streamlined layout, the K552 includes custom mechanical switches which are supposed to mimic the iconic Cherry blue buttons. I have several Cherry blue change keyboards and I frankly can not tell the difference between them.

When I first got my K552 I was amazed by how hardy the chassis was and also the keycaps were made from high-quality plastic which reminded me of the plastic the Razer Blackwidow ultimate is made from.

#2. GIGABYTE Mechanical Keyboard Black Friday Deals 2019

GIGABYTE Mechanical Keyboard

The Gigabyte Force is among the least expensive keyboard on test, but it falls out on very small compared with its more expensive rivals. In reality, it’s the only keyboard in this Labs test to feature RGB backlighting.

Utilizing the revolutionary Anti-Ghosting Matrix key-switch design, FORCE K83 provides Anti-Ghosting across all zones of the keyboard(N-Key Rollover). Dominate the competition with all the amazing advantage and versatility of being able to enter multiple keystrokes at once. Never be hindered again about the battlefield as you twist, weave, and decimate your enemies throughout the unparalleled freedom of Absolute Anti-Ghost technology.

The island-style key switch design can protect the keyboard out of dropped crumbs or accidental spills which may harm the circuit board. Any dust or liquid can be easily removed, maintaining your FORCE K83 clean and nice all the time.

#3. Redragon K556 Black Friday Deals 2019

At 1.3lbs, it’s a nice weight to it because of the main aluminum frame element. The surface is a brushed black finish with chamfered silver borders to give it a look. All four sides also have a black finish with all the left and right sides containing three screws too. Removing these screws enable the sides to be eliminated, presumably for accessing the mainboard once you’ve eliminated all the keycaps and buttons. The USB cable is connected to the center of the back of the keyboard and contains your normal vinyl sheathing complete.

For the price, I’d say that the Redragon K556 is more’superior’ compared to some of the pricier alternatives within this peripheral group. I also like how it is a full-size keyboard, but does not occupy a lot of desk real estate. I rather like the compact character of the keyboard and just how well it matches with my current desk set-up. There are some mechanical keyboards that I feel like you really have to sort hard to get a fantastic rebound, but the keys on the Redragon are so responsive I haven’t had any missed keystrokes or been frustrated with it at all.

Let’s not forget that the Redragon K556 R keyboard is completely RGB. It includes lots of preset patterns and colours. You are able to go from red to blue to yellow without an issue. It has many patterns like fade, breath, flash, solid colour, and much more. To attain these routines you will need to use the Function key with another key in the same moment. These keys have been arrow up and down. One of the best Mechanical Keyboard Black Friday deals to grab is the Redragon K556.

#4. Rii RK100+ Cyber Monday Deals 2019

The Rii RK100+ has a horizontal standard WASD design with hinges behind the Rii RK100+ which give it a lift if that is more comfortable for your wrist.

Contained with the keyboard, is an attachable wristband that assembles easily to the keyboard providing you support for when you dance about on the keyboard.

Media controls are displayed on the top right of the num lock keys so that you can easily mute, change the volume, or pause and playback any video or audio.

This motor offers you the proper tools to macro, document, and control all press on your device.

It is quite an impressive app and needs appropriate updating and studying for users to properly understand its functionality.

It’s well worth every ounce of energy to learn about what Logitech gives it users since it will affect your patience with the keyboards functions from time to time. Overall, the Rii RK100+ is a perfect Mechanical Keyboard Cyber Monday deals to get your hands dirty.

#5. Logitech G610 Cyber Monday Sales 2019

The G610 Orion comes in 2 variants: Red and Brown. They’re named related to the color of the Cherry MX switch which comes installed on every single. We brought the G610 Orion Red, that came with the Cherry MX Red switch.

There’s no denying that Romer-G switches are both comfortable, responsive and long-lasting, but nothing beats the real deal. Cherry has established its reputation by giving top-notch mechanical switches that provide an optimal experience, whether you want your keys to either be silent or noisy, effortless or resistant.

While the program is excellent, as always, you probably won’t use it that much. The Orion has no extra macro keys without any RGB lighting, therefore macro creation and profiles are of limited use. You can replace normal keys with macro controls, but if that’s your primary concern, there are keyboards that better fit your needs.

The primary screen serves up a birds-eye perspective of the keyboard, and clicking different sections of the unit allows for customization. The light strength and effects can be changed in 1 section, profiles are found in another and macros can be added to the function keys in the third part on the app’s front page.


There is no sure shot answer to whether there will be any deals on the Mechanical Keyboard this Black Friday or Cyber Monday. However, we can still expect to get some awesome discounts on the mindblowing deals.

Let’s see what’s there was us on the table. The only thing we can do right now is to wait.

That’s it from our side on our review on the Mechanical Keyboard Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2019. If you have any further suggestions for use do let us know in the comment section down below. We love to hear suggestion and feedback from our readers.

Until we meet next time peace.

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