Best External Hard Drive Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

We believe there is a good chance you can expect discounts on several external hard drive Black Friday, but what models and how much is the actual question! Our analysis suggests that if there are any sales on WD external forces, they will probably be in the upper segment of the product line up. But, we believe more small reductions on Seagate devices are likely and are not anticipating anything above. We could be wrong, so be sure to stay up to date with the latest external hard disk Black Friday deal news for 2019 by returning back here!

67 new from $99.99
2 used from $243.73
56 new from $51.00
13 used from $50.47
45 new from $48.47
5 used from $42.65
34 new from $139.99
3 used from $130.19
43 new from $63.62
11 used from $48.95
31 new from $49.99
5 used from $43.99
54 new from $172.80
8 used from $152.06
64 new from $106.54
26 used from $69.00
4 new from $54.99
1 new from $19.99
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An external hard disk is a storage solution designed for portability, back up or as an external storage expansion unit. That said, if you mean on using an external HDD for portable storage, we suggest that you research SSD options. Not certain what the difference is? Discover More about SSDs and HDDs. Otherwise, check out some popular external hard drives for Black Friday 2019 below. We will be posting any Black Friday & Cyber Monday external hard drive deals we locate on this page. Nonetheless, be certain you check compatibility prior to buying as not all drives are compatible with PC and Mac, whilst others may need reformatting.

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Best External Hard Drive Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Here’s our top picks for the best External Hard Drive collection on this Black Friday & Cyber Monday. We hope that you enjoy the show. 😀

#1. Seagate Expansion Black Friday Deals 2019

The newest edition of Seagate Expansion is offered in four abilities – 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB, which is now standard for mobile hard drives. The drive also uses the USB 3.0 port for both data and power transfer. The like any other USB 3.0 apparatus, the Expansion is backward compatible with USB 2.0, just notice that the 2.0 port will probably bottleneck your driveway and will cause you to endure painfully slow transfer speeds.

This allows for command queueing and should improve performance on USB 3.0 chipsets with drivers supporting UASP (e.g. on machines running Windows 8 and above).

In terms of aesthetics, the drive’s layout is simple but was somewhat disliked, ever since it was first introduced earlier drive models a few years back. Before that, the drive’s situation was just a plastic coating without a Seagate’s logo on it, so to each their own, I guess. Though the pyramid-shaped pattern covering the drive appears very pronounced and pointy, it is really shallow and is pretty much just a reflective case skin. One of the top external hard drive to buy this Black Friday 2019 is the Seagate Expansion.

#2. Seagate Backup Plus Black Friday Deals 2019

The Ultra Slim comes in two capacities — 1TB and two TB with a sleek design and slim profile that is either in silver or gold colors.

In 9.6mm, this is the thinnest portable HDD we’ve seen so far. It’s also quite light at only 135 g, lighter than most smartphones on the market.

This indeed is one slender, not to say miniature, external hard disk drive. It’s following dimensions 113.5 x 76 x 12.1 mm, and you should easily store it in your pocket. 1TB in your pocket, is not it amazing? Item weight is all about 6.4 ounces.

The easy-to-use, but powerful Seagate Dashboard backup software which accompanies this drive offers a number of ways to back up your own data, either automatically or on a schedule of your choosing.

The only downside that I discovered into the Backup Plus is the comparatively thick case compared to other mobile USB external hard drives. But since it offers double the storage, I think that is a very reasonable trade-off. Overall, the Seagate Backup is a great trade off for money to buy this Black Friday 2019 season.

#3. WD My Passport Black Friday Deals 2019

Flash is closing in on one side, and there’s a decade’s worth of existing goods in the hands of technology holdouts on the flip side, therefore it’s a demanding market.

Among the core features of this My Passport Wireless Pro is that it includes a memory card reader to copy directly from a memory card to the internal hard drive. And it’s the addition of the card reader which adds the real value for my purposes over just utilizing an external hard drive and external battery.

Backing up your data, whether it’s photographs, videos, audio or plain old records, is critically important, and a crucial part of the process is transporting the backup to another place — after all, fire, flood and theft will rarely take 1 drive but leave the backup near it unharmed. That is the reason why mobile drives are so useful. They can store and transport a large quantity of data fast and easily — only one USB cable can transfer the information and power that the drive, and once complete, they are small enough to slip into a jacket or even trouser pocket. Their portability also makes them excellent for providing more storage for laptop owners who’ve filled their internal forces, but are not ready for a system update quite yet. One of the top external hard  Cyber Monday 2019 deal to get is the WD My passp.

#4. WD Elements Black Friday Deals 2019

If you requested 5-10 years back for an external hard drive using 4 terabyte capacity, you would be paying an arm and a leg. Thankfully, the world of technology has progressed pretty quickly and has enabled items as such to become more accessible. The WD Elements mobile hard disk is no different with one of the cheapest price/GB from the portable hard disk marketplace . Using the plug-and-play feature, it’s formatted right out of this box for almost any Windows 7-10 computer. For Mac and Linux users, however, the drive is going to have to be reformatted.

Accessing and writing to that distance is a boon, largely due to this USB 3.0 connectivity, but also because this is a WD unit and is, therefore, a new you can thankfully rely on. In our evaluations, the 1GB record we used was written to the drive at a measured rate of 101MB each second and examine at an equally superior 135MB per minute.

The WD Elements 5TB external hard drive is a superb solution for most people, irrespective of whether they are home or business users. The quantity of storage is really spectacular, and the layout looks okay too. Transfer rates aren’t the fastest, but they’re more than enough to get routine copies or if you’re in a rush to receive a copy of something saved.


So that was it for the Best External Hard Drive Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2019. Make sure you make wise decisions while shopping and get the best deals on this festival season. Deals are always there you just need to pick up the right one. That is all matters to save money while shopping.

We hope you found this page useful and if you did don’t forget to leave a comment down below and let us know your feedback matters to us a lot. Happy shopping and happy sales day.

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