August Smart Lock Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

August Smart Locks are Bluetooth enabled locks that allow you to use a mobile device to unlock your door. They have a lot of possible uses ranging from holiday rentals to allow the mailman in. For example, combine with video doorbells or smart safety cameras to have a notification once the mailman arrives, then unlock the door using the wise lock and ask the mailman to shed the package inside! The 3rd generation was released in late 2017 last year, in addition to a Pro version. This article contains all the August Smart Lock Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Best August Smart Lock Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Check out our list of the top August Smart Lock that you should keep into account get this Black Friday 2019.

9 new from $230.00
8 used from $183.22
12 new from $112.61
6 used from $97.64
10 new from $65.00
6 used from $55.46
5 new from $225.99
4 used from $130.00
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#1. August Smart Lock 2nd Generation

August Smart Lock 2nd Generation

When you take the August Smart Lock Pro from the box, you’ll notice that it is a nice-looking lock. It is certainly bulky at 3.4-inches wide and, at 2-inches deep detract out of your door, but it’s clearly well-built with a wonderful aluminum finish. The result isn’t overly uninviting or extravagant, and the way some smart home technician can be.

August also includes an optional DoorSense module. This is a detector you’ll stick to the door frame near the lock and then after you calibrate it, the distance between the sensor and the lock can tell the program if you’ve left the door open. My son needs to be reminded to close the door after him, so it was nice to find a ping in my iPhone or Apple Watch as soon as the door was left open for a set quantity of time, which can be as little as 1 minute.

Once set up, the August program picks up the slack and automatically calibrates the lock (a thing that I have not encountered in any other clever lock) and lets you set up your keychain, wherein you define who can access the lock and when. Setting up keys, either permanent or temporary, is simple and is tied to an invitation that is sent to the user’s mobile phone number.

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#2. August Smart Lock 3rd Generation

August Smart Lock 3rd Generation

August boasts an average installation time of just 15 minutes thanks to an innovative layout and step-by-step guidance through the procedure. Despite being less than half the price of the Smart Lock Pro, it’s pleasing to find that August has not scrimped on the Smart Lock’s remarkable user experience.

Out of the box, this is a Bluetooth smart lock. As such, you are pretty limited with everything you can do using the lock since you’re bound by this variety. You can lock, unlock, assess door status (i.e. open or closed), and adjust settings when you’re within Bluetooth range. I can see it being helpful if you would like to leave your keys just allow access to additional users, but you can’t remotely lock or unlock it if you are not physically in your home.

Besides the design modifications, a lot was stripped from this version of the lock screen. It is a right Bluetooth lock with no HomeKit support. It’s possible to get support for Alexa and Google Assistant, but only if you get the different $79 August Link Wi-Fi bridge.

Beyond those changes, it is designed to work very much the same manner as other August locks. It employs the same program, physical installation is almost equal to that of the August Guru, and operationally it supports the same features, including DoorSense, auto-locking and unlocking, key assignments, and the thorough history log.

#3. August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

August Link is a system which allows you to remotely connect to control the August Smart Lock. It bridges your Wi-Fi link and August Smart Lock’s Bluetooth connection. Without it, you can just connect into the August Smart Lock via Bluetooth. I have been using the August Link with my August Smart Lock for 3 months now, and here is my review.

Installation for August Connect is much easier. All you do is unbox the device, then find an outlet that is 15 to 20 feet from your August Smart Lock. That is crucial. If you don’t, there might be link issues, with you, locked out of your property. For our testing, we put the August Connect 16 ft from our door, and the connection was fine. You might also use the August Home app to realize how strong your Wi-Fi sign is before beginning.

#4. August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation

August Smart Lock Pro 3rd Generation

The quick installation time on the Pro 3rd gen is no fluke. A lot of the ease is due to the care that’s been taken to guide users through the process. The August mobile app includes step by step instructions, with short video clips that make installation a breeze.

Should you wish to take advantage of August’s DoorSense feature, you’ll need to install an extra detector – included in the box. The nearest alternative demands just a small drilling, allowing you to flush mount the detector at the door frame, opposite the lock. If that sounds like a lot of hassle, then you may simply screw it into the front of the framework.

Inviting other people through the August app is easy. I sent out invitations to 2 neighbors and our nanny. They needed to put in the entire program, which was a small bummer and takes approximately 60 MB. But once installed, they can also easily lock and unlock the door.

August Smart Lock Pro is composed of not just the lock but the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge along with the company’s new DoorSense detector. To remotely access the smart lock, connect the unit to the internet via a wireless signal.

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