AmpliFi WIFI System Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Everything You Need to Know About The AmpliFi WiFi System Black Friday Deal 

A home WiFi system is required when you have a huge house or there are too many walls that is interrupting the connection of the WiFi. Basically, what a AmpliFi  WiFi System or other Home WiFi system does is it connects with other WiFi extenders and create a mesh network which than can be used to cover up larger surface area to give you faster speeds and better connectivity. The AmpliFi WiFi system network is a scalable device where you can attach more extenders to make a much stronger mesh network. Where the default setup is enough for majority of the people however, just in case you need more extenders you can do that as well.

AmpliFi HD WiFi System, Seamless Whole Home Wireless Internet Coverage

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AmpliFi WiFi System Features:

This system has the speeds up to 5.25GBps and has a dual-band 802.11ac WiFi. The speed mentioned here is written on paper which will reduce in real-life as more walls and obstacles add up in the whole mesh network.

There’s an easy to use application which’ll guide you step-by-step on how to steup the whole network in less than 10 minutes. Moreover, the app can also be used to track WiFi speeds, and usage statistics. With the built-in parental control feature you can actually see what devices are connected to the network currently. This way, you can keep an eye on your kids and check whether they are doing the homework or not.

The main router which comes in a box like shape has a cool UI for you to check the connection strength in a visual format. However, keeping all things apart the AmpliFi WiFi system is an expensive mesh network to be honest. The one thing that really hurts me about this product is that it doesn’t supports tri-band.

Talking about the price, let’s see if we can get some cool deals on the AmpliFi Wifi System on this Black Friday season.

AmpliFi WiFi System Product Review:

In the box into the design of the router, there’s a clear Apple effect here. The box it comes in has lots of tabs fold out components that certainly bring to mind the fancy packages of Apple products, also it seems like Ubiquiti, the firm behind the Amplifi HD, really want to demonstrate this is no ordinary router.

The base station is available in black or white and is this attractively constructed block which looks magnificent regardless of where you place it. It sports a capacitive touchscreen to the front, four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, a USB-A port and finally a USB-C power interface. I am hoping to see more vendors implementing USB-C as the power standard from now.

On plugging in the Amplifi HD, the display lights up and asks you to download the Amplifi app for either iOS or Android devices. You might even use the touchscreen on the front for more options. The app makes setting up fairly easy, with the animated video taking you through the procedure of connecting up the router.

Moving on to more practical considerations, the router’s inner Wi-Fi is a dual-band affair, with a single 2.4GHz frequency band and one 5GHz band. Each is configured in a three ×3 platform (three spatial streams in each direction), together with the 2.4GHz band totalling around 450Mbps along with the 5GHz band up to 1300Mbps.

As with other mesh networking products, AmpliFi HD’s cellular app runs just in portrait mode. The text and charts are easy to read and are not too crowded, even on a phone display.

In general, this all adds up to a rather basic feature set. Since the mesh points have no LAN functionality, you can’t connect wired devices to them and do they support wired backhaul — this is where you might lay out a cable into your garage and plug the mesh point into that connection so you can spread the Wi-Fi connection over longer distances.

The Amplifi HD is an excellent wireless router with range extenders that will look good in almost anyone’s home as a result of a superb layout that Apple’s own Jony Ive would surely approve of. Overall the AmpliFi WiFi System is a fantastic product to buy on this Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2019.

Any Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on AmpliFi WIFI System For 2019?

Well, there is no clear-cut answer to this question and no news is out yet. However, that doesn’t mean that we cannot expect any deals on AmpliFi WiFi System on this Black Friday. It’s already an expensive product and if there are no deals on this device then it’s a waste of money to invest in this mesh network.

Let’s see and hope for the best that we and Black Friday Deal Online readers get a massive discount on the AmpliFi WiFi System Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale.


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