Acer Mixed Reality Headset Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

Any Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on Acer Mixed Reality Headset?

If you are expecting to get put up using Virtual Reality in the not too distant future, then Acer Mixed Reality headset is a new entry to the market to consider. The Acer is set to be released in the holiday season of 2017, probably in time for Black Friday. There are going to be many Mixed Reality headsets to choose from this holiday season and which one you choose will largely depend on your budget. The Acer Mixed Reality Headset is among the more affordable alternatives, compared with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. But with so many companies competing for your eyes this autumn, we advocate waiting for Acer Mixed Reality Headset Black Friday deals to find the best price.

Acer (AH101-D8EY) Windows Mixed Reality Headset

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as of July 10, 2019 1:36 am

Acer Mixed Reality Headset Black Friday Review:

The very first thing you will see about Acer’s Mixed Reality Headset is its own irregular color scheme. The Vive and Rift are both sleek black and sleek, while the Acer is glistening blue with only a few black accents. It’s wonderful to see some color.

The most striking thing about the Asus Windows Mixed Reality headset is that its principal visor section isn’t smooth and rounded but made up of multiple polygons. It is a more visually arresting design than some of its close competitors.

Even though the majority of the specs are damn-near indistinguishable, the things that vary are the layout, the dimensions and weight, and also for some reason, the field of view. The Acer unit just offers a 100-° area of view, for instance, where the Dell one boasts 110°. The actual advantage of this Acer Mixed Truth is its own weight, however: it weighs around 450g, while other headphones can weigh over 600g.

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The device’s hardware is impressive enough; forward-facing cameras mean that it is capable of 6DoF tracking, which usually works pretty well. It usually means you don’t need any external sensors, like the majority of the premium headsets currently available. Therefore, we found it incredibly simple to set up the device. All you have to do is connect the USB and HDMI cables to your PC, and you will be guided through the installation. In case you haven’t kept your Windows 10 install up, you will be prompted to do this first.

Acer Mixed Reality Headset

Without any base stations or separate tracking sensors, you’d be forgiven for believing the Asus Mixed Reality headset would be less accurate than its high-end competitions in the VR world. But, there are numerous detectors built into the headset as well as the two inside-out monitoring cameras to keep an eye on your movement and the boundaries of the earth. This implies six degrees of freedom monitoring which means that the headset can monitor your movement vertically and horizontally within the play space.

But if you were feeling like virtual reality games were in the experimental stage, I’d be inclined to agree with you. That doesn’t mean those experiments are not fun and interesting and rewarding doing, but constant, nagging sense that it came to market too early is still there.

In general, it feels like this mixed reality offering is more of a missed opportunity. Many of the ideas behind the device are sound; the headset looks great, requires few wires and no external sensors, and is simple to establish. Nevertheless, the flimsy plastic construct seems to use to both the physiological design and its offering within an MR apparatus. There currently isn’t any reason to opt for this headset above the Oculus Rift; the latter feels as a superior apparatus, works fantastically well with three sensors, and has a vast content library of quality games and apps.

With the present software lineup, it’s difficult to recommend Windows Mixed Reality and its compatible headphones over platforms from Oculus and many others, though that may change over time when Microsoft gets more programmers on-board and shores up compatibility with the likes of SteamVR. Overall the Acer Mixed Reality Headset Cyber Monday deal is a good one to have under your hood.


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